St. Brendan's National School

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About Us

The Aims of St. Brendan's National School

1. To help the child to live a full life as a child and be happy at work and play.

2. To encourage the child to mix with others.

3. To inculcate in the child a spirit of generosity, truth, obedience, patience and co-operation.

4. To equip him with a basic primary education and thus form a sound foundation for the future.

5. To provide him with opportunities which will enable him to develop his natural powers at his own rate.

6. To help him to appreciate the privileges he inherits such as his religion and his cultural traditions and to develop his sense of civic responsibility.

7. To develop in a pupil a feeling of self-esteem, confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

8 . To help each individual pupil to feel that he belongs to a community which
a) promotes the development of self-discipline
b) encourages him to recognise his potential
c) helps him to acquire a good self-image

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