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Food Tasting


To encourage healthy eating, pupils in the Junior Room took part in a project for 8 weeks called Food Tasting Friday.

Each Friday, the pupils were offered a sample of various foods to taste. We then completed a questionnaire about the tasting.

This was a fun project which we hope to repeat next year.

To the right is a slide show of the foods we tasted. They were delicious.

We got to taste

- cous cous with roasted vegetables
- brown rice with egg and peas,
- pancakes filled with greek yogurt, strawberries and bananas,
- pasta in homemade tomato sauce,
- wholewheat and spelt quiche,
- tuna and sweetcorn pasta,
- tropical fruit salad,
- tricolour pasta salad.

We grew white radishes in the school garden. When our radishes were ready we picked them. We washed them and cut them into thin slices. Then we got to taste them. They were tasty! Yum!

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