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Lunch Box Ideas


Lunch box ideas

Freeze smoothies/juice box (diluted fruit squash or non concentrated fruit juice contains less sugar. They will be defrosted by lunchtime and will keep food cool and fresh in the lunch box).

Mix-match sandwiches To encourage your child to eat wholemeal bread, use one slice of white and the other wholemeal. (Wholemeal helps concentration).

Scones - wholemeal / fruit / white / bacon and onion / cheese.

Rice cakes

Bagels - different varieties available

Rolls wholemeal / plain

Pitta pockets - Fill with mackerel pate, hummus, tuna and sweetcorn, turkey with cheese or stuffing, salmon, (rich in omega 3 - ideal brain food)

Tortilla wraps - Chicken fajitas, tuna mayo mix, mashed sardines with ketchup.

Other - Sunflower seeds, raisins and pumpkin seeds mixed together in a small easy opened container.

Cheese portion from a block is better than e.g. cheese strings, (less processed)

Yoghurt - with re-sealable cap (to prevent spillage in lunch box) Probiotic can help boost immunity.

Fruit salad- with some lemon juice to prevent fruit discolouring. and quick to eat pieces of fruit e.g.: banana, kiwi, mandarin orange, strawberries, pineapple, melon, plum, pear, and grapes. (Super foods)

Dairy (lactose) intolerance - use calcium-fortified soya milk, milk-free vegetable or soya margarine.

Gluten intolerance- use soya, corn, rice, millet, rice, noodles, buckwheat and potato flours.

Foods to avoid

Cereal bars - very high in sugar - can lead to hyperactivity/poor concentration

Crisps/corn chips - high fat content

Chocolate - high fat content

Take away foods - burgers/hotdogs/chips/wedges - high in fat

Sweets - high sugar content

Fizzy drinks - especially high energy drinks - high in sugar

Chewing gum

Nuts - possible allergy

Useful tips

Always wash hands before starting lunch.

Use insulated lunch box / bag or small ice pack or frozen smoothie/ fruit juice carton to keep lunches cool.

To disguise disliked food - either grate or puree and mix with favourites.

Drink milk with fruit or sugary treats to avoid teeth decay.

Food additives & colourings can be associated with hyperactivity.

500ml of water should be drunk during school to avoid dehydration.

If having fruit juices always have them with meals to prevent tooth decay.

Keep lunch boxes away from heat/sun to prevent bacterial growth.

Discard any left-overs.


Bread, cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta 2+ servings @ lunch (Energy boosting)

Fruit and vegetables 1+ servings @ lunch (Energy boosting)

Dairy (milk yoghurt and cheese) 1 serving@ lunch (Healthy teeth and bones)

Protein (meat, poultry, fish, dry beans) 1 serving @ lunch (Brain foods)

Fluids (water or milk) 500 ml ( 2-3glasses) (Hydrate)

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