St. Brendan's National School

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Our nursery rhymes

Infants - 3rd

Mary Had a Little Cow

Mary had a little cow
That had a funny brow
And everywhere that Mary went
The cow would leave a scent.

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep fell asleep
In the garden shed
And when she woke up, Oh dear
A spider was on her head!

Two Little horseshoe bats

Two Little horseshoe bats
Flying in the dark
One named Jemma
One named Mark
Fly away Jemma
Fly away Mark
Come back Jemma
Come back Mark.

Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Scary
Was all rough and hairy
She never brushed her hair.
She had lots of headlice
And a nest of mice
And never, ever took a bath.

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