St. Brendan's National School

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Below you will find listed the uniform for St. Brendan's National School. Please note that, in a bid for equality, girls are permitted to wear trousers. Parents are welcome to source the various parts of the uniform anywhere they wish.

The school uniform is as follows:

grey v-necked jumper
grey pinafore (infants-4th) /grey skirt (5th-6th) or grey tailored trousers (no jeans, combats etc)
light blue shirt
red tie
red or grey socks or tights
leather shoes or boots or sandals (black or brown or navy)


There is also a P.E. kit which comprises a navy tracksuit pants and sweatshirt with school logo. A pale blue polo shirt is worn underneath.

The kit is worn on days when P.E. is on the timetable. The kit is ordered through school but parents are welcome to source the polo shirt anywhere they wish.

In September and June pupils are permitted to wear navy shorts if they wish.

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